Thursday , 18 September 2014

7 Easy Tips to Get ADHD Kids Perform Better at School


What’s the one thing every parent of children with ADHD struggles the most? You guessed it. School. The whole missing homework, frequent calls from head teacher about your child’s behavior during class, or the kid’s frustration dealing with constant peer-pressure to act and be normal just like her non-ADHD classmates.  Does it sound anything like your day? If you are ... Read More »

ADHD Test & Diagnosis: How to Start Getting Help?


Is your 8-year-old boy bouncing around too much and his teacher reported his lacking focus at school that made you thinking of getting one of those ADHD Test for your kid? Children with ADHD or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) due to the nature of their compulsivity and behavior problem suffer from low academic performance, not to mention it deprives them from social ... Read More »

Can Diet Help Children with ADHD?


Parenting children with ADHD/ADD is rewarding, and extremely exhausting. The job taxes you in positivity, determination, endurance and lots of vitality to simply pull up. So it’s true that keeping track in your ADHD Diet Plan for your kid can be very well challenging. So why bother? Probably despite drug options have been widely used to treat children with ADHD ... Read More »

Is ADHD Real?


This kind of question although might be hurting and sensitive to adult and children with ADHD who naturally have to face a great deal of struggle when it comes to certain aspects of their daily life, is still a legitimate one when it comes from fear of patients and or care-giver that there may be over treatment to them or ... Read More »